Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hello Moto! Fall 2014 Inspiration

The Moto jacket is a fall staple. It works with so many looks, day or night! They come in all types of variations from girly to really edgy to vintage distressed. I need to re-up on one for myself; it's a timeless must have!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Stripe Shirt Can Save Your Life... Well At Least Your Fashion Life

There are a few items that you should just own to save the fashion day at any point and time; a denim shirt being one of them. However, running neck and neck with it is a striped shirt! A striped shirt can be worn day or night and dance to the beat of anyone’s rhythm. Here are some examples that you may have used and some you may not have thought of! All-in-all, make sure you get the most out of your wardrobe! 

Black and White Tee Shirt
Chunky Sweater
Yellow Skirt
Sweat Pant
Sequined skirt
Wide leg pants
Leopard Culottes
Blue Steve Madden Shoe
Lavender Nikes
Blue Hoodie
Multi-color necklace
Gold Tassel Necklace
Black Blazer
Gold and Green Sandal
Green Snakeskin Bag
Ankle Cuffed Sandal
Chunky Necklace
Floral Necklace
Black Satchel
Black Pumps


Friday, September 5, 2014

"Flash Back Friday" (FBF) "When I Was 15"

Who I was at 15, around this time is when I started to get into my appearance. I remember going to take pictures pretty much every other weekend. It was the thing to do - spend the night at a friends house and pack a bunch of clothes to make various outfit combinations for the pictures. My friends and I would make up color combinations so that our looks would all coordinate. We would do one group picture and then individual looks, but with something that tied us together for the group look. We would borrow each other’s pieces to get the look just right, though I remember that borrowing obvious pieces that others could identify was a no-no (at least for me). I never wanted anyone to pull my card that I was wearing so and so’s shirt or dress. Oh! Black boots like the ones I’m wearing were a must in our group!

I remember pairing this shirt with this dress. The dress was primarily worn without a top and I remember borrowing this top from a friend after the light bulb moment of “oh this would look cute under this” lol.

As you can see, I also started wearing make up around this time. This is when wearing lip liner was the in thing to do… Dark, rich line with a spot of color in the middle with a slight fade…. There was a science to it. I had to have eyeliner because the wing tip was my thing!

Looking back, I didn’t realize that though I was having fun, I should have been having more and not over thinking it! I was so afraid to make mistakes or what I deemed to be mistakes. I was taller than most of my friends and always looked a little more mature than a lot of girls my age, even when I didn’t try. I thought that was a bad thing. I was a giraffe in comparison to some, not knowing that people wanted to have my height. If I could go back, I would tell the 15 year old me that I was doing a good job and to not be so self conscious about things that really don’t matter, and who cares about what others think!



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