Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Candy Valentine's Pillow DIY

Here's a fun idea for a Valentine's Day DIY for yourself or as a gift.

Here are the items you'll need:

*You will also need an iron

First you want to cut your fabric to size, in this case I cut it to 18 inches in length and about 36 inches (1yd) in width. (Depending on how much you want to hang to look like the wrapper the width is optional)
Press your fabric

*Sewing method is optional you can do it by hand or machine

Hem the edges- width portion of the fabric

Sew the length edges together to create a tube then insert the pillow

After inserting the pillow fold and tuck at the base of the pillow on one side then tack it down by hand with a needle and thread

Cut iron on letters out and spell a phrase of your choice. With pillow still inserted line the phrase up on the pillow and press with the iron. Remove pillow insert keeping the pillow case inside out turn the pillow case down making the side with the phrase on the bottom and press the inside of the pillow case to firmly attach iron on letters.

Remove the paper backing from the iron on letters then turn the pillow case right side out. Reinsert the pillow and repeat the previous fold/tuck method and hand tack ends down.

Finish off the ends by adding ribbon to the folded/tucked portions of the pillow and fluff!

XOXO Happy Valentine's Day!!! XOXO



  1. This is such a unique, cute idea! I love all the DIY projects I have seen for V-Day.

  2. oh great idea!! so lovely!!

  3. you are so creative! well done!

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  5. nice ^^


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