Saturday, September 10, 2011

Who would have thought! Yes.. it's from Kmart!!

I have been seeing Kmart advertisements and have been curious to see if they had cute stuff or was it smoke and mirrors... I went to their link that was in an ad to take a peak. They have lines like Attention, Route 66 Sofia Vegara and Jaclyn Smith. I was surprised to see it was more fashionable choices to blend with others than one or two okay items. I bought a total of 12 items and spent about $275, not bad for 12 pieces. You may want to pop in and grab a few items you can mix in low priced items with your more expensive pieces and no one will be the wiser! Check out my video below to see the other items I snagged! Go head Kmart with your bad self! lol

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  1. great purchases!

  2. beautiful outfits! ;)

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  5. Work it girl! You look amazing! Definitely wouldn't have guessed that they're from Kmart.

  6. agree that money can't buy style!
    in love with the cardigan and jumpsuit. :)

    Thanks for your kind comment (:
    xx Brigita

  7. great blog post.
    great concept!
    totally watched your video.
    and love it...


  8. your awesome! I look forward to seeing more looks from you..and a whats in you bag, lol ;) I would love to see your pics a little bigger, your looks are too good not too!

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  10. great outfits!

    xx from hong kong :)

  11. I love this post! It's charming, witting and oh-so fabulous!

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