Thursday, August 18, 2011

Got Some New Accessories!!

I have been increasing my accessories and working them into my outfits more thought I would share some of my new items! Check out my YouTube link as well for a further look at my new finds!

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  1. thx for your comment on my blog...

    if you like my blog i hope you gonna be my next follower..if you want :)

    love the second bracelet

    wish you a nice weekend

  2. I saw that bracelet this weekend at F21 and I thought about getting it, but thought I'd probably poke my kid's eye out or puncture my dog's ear drum so I left it behind. Although now I'm thinking I coulda gotten it and just used it to stun them a little when they get outta hand?! What?! Too harsh?! But fashionable at least:)

  3. OMG>> Love your comment Dumb Mom! As for the bracelet its not to sharp. Go ahead and grab it! Thanks for stopping by!! Come back soon

  4. SkiBunny thanks for stopping by will do as far as a follower, follow back pls! ttyl :)

  5. This necklace is amazing!

  6. Great pictures...very nice... check me out

  7. Thank you for stopping by ladies!



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